I’ve seen past 30/60/90-day challenges and, most of the time, they had some specific rules. I’ll try to list them here, perhaps adding or removing some along the way.

These are important to get a feel for creating/achieving Product Market Fit.

1. The idea of the Tiny Project should come that day.
Exceptions to this rule include things like: there’s an hour left until midnight, so I’ll start work on this right away, just to launch it. Go to bed, iterate on it in the morning.

2. No paid ads until I reach profitability.
I don’t see the point in paying money for something that might not bring money back. I hope to not break this rule not even if I see no traction whatsoever in the first 24 hours.

3. Traction should be achieved within 24 hours of launching.
This isn’t just about testing an idea really fast. More on this idea below.

 4. Be as transparent as possible at all times.
This journey is not just my own. Other people are excited and curious to know what I’m up to next. For them and for me, I will maintain a transparent attitude towards numbers – this is one of the reasons I created this blog.

5. Provide something of value.
Perhaps this should have been #1. I’ll try to put myself in my visitors’ shoes. What do they need? What would make their lives easier? I’ll research that and try to provide as much value as I can.

Why just 24 hours?

Say I research, build and launch something at 10 in the morning. And then I post it in a few places, but nothing crazy. Then I start doing work, handle emails, get a coffee, watch a movie…And before you know it, the day has ended and my traction would be out the door.

Not only that, but the next day, I’d have to continue doing marketing/growth for the previous day PLUS research, build, launch and market something new.

The 24 hour limit forces me to really think outside of my comfort zone: I’ve interacted with people I didn’t know, I ignored hours of work, I tried different tactics even though I knew they were destined to fail, I’m planning to do more and more (think slideshare, )


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