Project #9: Your Text Aloud


Project URL:

Idea: A website where you give me the link to an article and I read it aloud to you, for free, within 24 hours.

Problem I think it solved: There are very interesting articles out there. Some longer than others. For certain people, it’s easier to listen to such an article, rather than read a summary – which explains the success of Umano.

Status: 11 days left on the free trial from

Emails: 2

Revenue: 0 (but could change soon)

Total Traffic (stats after about 2 days):

Project9-Total Traffic

Traffic Sources:

Coming soon


Coming soon

Devices used:

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Tactics for marketing:

Lessons learned:

1. Use what’s out there – don’t start from scratch.
I started from the idea of short summaries, but definitely but a twist on it. Thankfully, it was something that resonated with people and I was able to talk about the closing of SoundGecko as a platform to launch my own project.

2. Really go all in, don’t waste time with research (at first at least).
There were similar services out there, like SoundGecko and Umano, but I didn’t research the whole market before I started. That would’ve paralysed me and prevented me from going further with my project.

3. Users can help you grow.
They can give feedback, upvote your idea or simply recommend you to someone else. Never ignore the power of providing a good experience, great value and communicating with users. Word of mouth and referrals are infectious and, most of the time, free.

4. Start with yourself, then think of others like you.
I often hear about how solving your own problems isn’t a good business model. The thing is – it might be. If the market is big enough or connected enough or engaged enough, there will be people like you – the same issues, the same questions. Solving your own problem can solve theirs as well.

5. Give credit, where credit is due.
I noticed SoundGecko somewhere between and Product Hunt. It seemed like a great idea and I was saddened to see it close down, mere days after using it. I decided to mention it as my inspiration and it struck a chord with people who remembered it.
Technical details:

As some of you might have additional questions, I decided to add this section for those of you courageous enough to try something similar.

The website is hosted using the Startup Bundle package from You don’t to pay anything upfront and you get a .co domain, a starter page and an email account All that for 2 weeks. After that the whole package is just $2.50/month.

The logo was generated by one of these tools in this list from Product Hunt. This time it was, cleaned up a bit in Photoshop afterwards.

Thanks for reading this far. Now you can:

A. Read about my other projects – still 28 to go!

B. Email me about questions and/or projects you’d like help on.

C. All of the above.


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