Project #5: First Marketing Job


Project URL:

Idea: A blueprint/series of emails or articles where I explain how I got started doing Online Marketing and how anyone can.

Problem I think it solved: People might want to have a job in marketing, but don’t know where to begin, in terms of knowledge, skills and abilities.

Status: 7 days left on the free trial from

Emails: 2

Revenue: 0

Total Traffic (stats after about 2 days):

Project5-Total Traffic

Traffic Sources:

Coming soon


Coming soon

Devices used:

Coming soon

Tactics for marketing:

  • Posted on facebook and twitter.

Lessons learned:

1. When time is short, get back to the basics.
Frankly, this was one of the few times when I was scared I couldn’t launch something. I was out of ideas and nothing really got me excited. Then I remembered that I have been dying to tell me hiring story, so this got me back to the beginning, to the basics.

2. Don’t be afraid to experiment.
Up until this project, every landing page had a basic color scheme, with a solid background. I decided I wanted something different. So not only did I add a picture on the back, but I also put my face on the website. Not sure if it helped, but I wanted it to offer some sort of assurance that the blueprint was coming from me personally and not some organization or company.

3. Make everything very clear.
I wasn’t GIVING them a job, nor a job interview. So I had to make everything as clear as I could. I’m not sure “Blueprint” is really evocative, but adding “Actionable” to it made it sound like something useful. Also, I wanted to use the blue plan graphic as a background.

4. Make bold claims – preferably ones you can back up later.
I used the phrase “Get ready to get hired”, because I knew the blueprint was that good. I was on the inside of a digital marketing agency, so I understood things like needs, desires, tasks, managers. I also knew that what I was advocating – adding keywords to your resume and constantly doing small projects – was something that most people ignored. So the people with the blueprint were way ahead and had more chances of getting hired.

5. Think in terms of benefits for users, not features of product/service.
I didn’t really want to get into the specifics of the service (especially since there wasn’t any at the time). I focused more on what the users went through and what they could gain through this actionable blueprint.

Technical details:

As some of you might have additional questions, I decided to add this section for those of you courageous enough to try something similar.

The website is hosted using the Startup Bundle package from You don’t to pay anything upfront and you get a .co domain, a starter page and an email account All that for 2 weeks. After that the whole package is just $2.50/month.

The logo was generated by one of these tools in this list from Product Hunt. This time it was, cleaned up a bit in Photoshop afterwards.

Thanks for reading this far. Now you can:

A. Read about my other projects – still 25 to go!

B. Email me about questions and/or projects you’d like help on.

C. All of the above.


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