Project #4: Build A Course

Project4-ImageProject URL:

Idea: You give me your email address and tell me what you want your course to be about. I come back with 7 customized daily emails, teaching you how to build and sell your online course, for free.

Problem I think it solves: More and more people are turning to online courses to generate additional income. It’s hard to get started without a framework.

Status: 10 days left on the free trial from

Emails: 9, including one from my boss.

Revenue: 0 (but could change soon)

Total Traffic (stats after about 3 days):

Project4-Total TrafficTraffic Sources:

Project4-Traffic SourcesLocations:


Devices used:


Tactics for marketing:

  • Submitted to Inbound on a Saturday didn’t really get me the traction I was looking for.
  • Submitted to Hacker News. No traffic whatsoever.
  • Submitted to ProductHunt. A guy can dream, can he?
  • Submitted it to StumbleUpon. No traffic in Analytics.
  • Interacted with about 5 sites and influencers on twitter, asking them how they thought I was sending the 7 free emails. No replies. Got a reply from Autosend and I’m now in talks for a large scale collaboration – tweeting does work!

Lessons learned:

1. Not all traffic is created equal.
Even though I had only about 40 unique visitors, about 17.5% converted into signups for the free lessons. That just goes to show how important targeted traffic is vs just getting lots of general users.

2. Linking to other properties is not poison.
Up until this Tiny Project, I was hesitant to add links to other websites. I kept thinking I needed to convince users to signup and not leave somewhere else. Results showed that I was worried for nothing.

3. Launching early is better than launching late.
It was nearing 10 PM when I finally launched this project, because it was Saturday and I didn’t feel like working all day. I probably missed a few opportunities by not tweeting or posting the link earlier. I was also fiddling around with the logo and the tagline – still don’t know if I nailed it.

4. Old facebook friends still remember you.
I had the pleasure of seeing an older facebook friend among the people who signed up for Tiny Project #4. I guess if the proposition is enticing, people will notice it and take action – never assume you have no circle of influence.

5. Copywriting DOES make a difference.
I was playing around with earlier versions of the copy and you know what? I wasn’t convinced – I wouldn’t have signed up. It was neutral, a tad boring and didn’t sell me on the idea. I’m glad I spent the extra time to really write something that appeals to me too.

Technical details:

As some of you might have additional questions, I decided to add this section for those of you courageous enough to try something similar.

The website is hosted using the Startup Bundle package from You don’t to pay anything upfront and you get a .co domain, a starter page and an email account All that for 2 weeks. After that the whole package is just $2.50/month.

The logo was generated by one of these tools in this list from Product Hunt. This time it was, cleaned up a bit in Photoshop afterwards.

Thanks for reading this far. Now you can:

A. Read about my other projects – still 26 to go!

B. Email me about questions and/or projects you’d like help on.

C. All of the above.


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Sorin Amzu

Premium Udemy Instructor. Facebook Ads Aficionado. Google AdWords Professional. Growth hacking enthusiast. Joke Writing Hobbyist. I like to take things apart and put them back together, all whilst having fun doing it.

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