Why am I doing this?

I started 30 Tiny Projects as a result of comments I received about talking more about my idea. So here it is – the basic tell-all blog.

My idea isn’t new – others have done and are doing it, in one form or another – but that won’t stop me. I’ll mention other projects like this in another post.

1. I launched the first project on January 28th: http://www.iwriteyourcontent.co/
I admit it was rough and was only put together in a few minutes. I just wanted to launch something so bad, I ignored one simple fact: Would people trust and want this? See project stats here:

2. Launching projects is fun for me. Interacting with people, doing marketing, hoping someone might end up paying you $85.000 – that’s exciting stuff. Most of all, I’m trying to find out how to bridge the gap from writer to marketer and product creator.

Will I be successful? I have no idea, but I’m sure going to try every day!


Published by

Sorin Amzu

Premium Udemy Instructor. Facebook Ads Aficionado. Google AdWords Professional. Growth hacking enthusiast. Joke Writing Hobbyist. I like to take things apart and put them back together, all whilst having fun doing it.

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